Sonoda’s Highlights

We view sushi as a form of art and create authentic Japanese dishes.

Sonoda’s makes everything from the purest Japanese ingredients cooked using our unique processes for the Rocky Mountain altitude. We take the greatest care to produce the most personable dining experience, from the esthetic Japanese décor, friendly traditional welcome “Irashaimasen”, to the lively conversations you’ll enjoy with our sushi chefs.

A True Sushi Master Oversees Your Experience
Sonoda’s has one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable sushi masters in the area, with over 20 years experience. Our sushi chef personally selects the freshest fish, finest Japanese ingredients, and ensures the strictest quality preparation processes are followed. No other Sushi restaurant in the state of Colorado has this level of commitment to quality or the dedication to ensuring you truly feel the best Japanese dining experience of your life.

Hand Selected Fish
Our sushi master selects the freshest fish every morning imported from the two coasts, often rejecting entire lots that do not meet his quality and freshness standards.Sonoda’s delivers quality service using the freshest ingredients at the best value for your dining pleasure.